Unfortunately we have been informed by our suppliers of a national shortage of cat vaccines for the rest of the year due to a manufacturing issue.

We have received a small allocation to last us until Christmas but are unable to source any more until the new year.

As such, we have had to take the decision to postpone all cat boosters for adult cats until they are 3 months overdue, just as we did in covid lockdown, as we have been assured by the vaccine manufacturers that their immunity will last to this point if they have been fully vaccinated in the past.

This does NOT include kitten vaccination courses and 1 year old cats receiving their first booster – vaccination is critical to maintain immunity at these stages so we will be prioritising our remaining vaccine for these higher risk patients and continue to book these appointments as needed.

We would like to stress that we currently have sufficient stock of dog vaccines for our current clients so please do not “panic book” booster appointments early! However, to make sure this remains the case, we will not be taking bookings for adult dog boosters for new clients. We remain open for all other veterinary care and treatment both for existing clients and new.

We will update you as the situation changes – as ever, we are doing the best we can in challenging times so please #bekind