The Dogs Trust has some great advice for looking after your dogs during lockdown, here are just a few of them, please visit their website for more

Indoor games

Your dog may have less opportunity to run around outside at the moment, so make sure they have regular playtime, training, and enrichment sessions each day. Varying their games will help them to use their brains and noses as well as their bodies, and be fun for both of you. Here are some ideas:

  • Play their favourite game – catch, fetch and tug of war are all great fun to your dog.
  • Have a treasure hunt – hide treats around the house and see how quickly your dog can find them.
  • Teach them some new tricks with our Dog School training videos.
  • Make a snuffle mat.

Sleep and relaxation

If your dog’s used to sleeping during the day they might be losing out on vital sleep now that there are people at home all the time. Give your dog a quiet space of their own, like a bed or den, and when they’re in it, make sure the whole family knows to leave them alone. Teach your dog to settle so they’re comfortable relaxing on their own.

How to prevent separation anxiety

If your dog is used to being left alone while you’re out, it’s important to keep them used to time alone, so they’re prepared for the end of lockdown.

Factor in time apart from your dog each day – for example, leave your dog in another part of the house for periods of time whilst working from home, so they are not with you all the time. Try and leave them in the house alone when going for essential trips as well. This will help them cope better when everyone goes back to work or school.