Here at Copthorne Vets we are passionate about protecting the environment and are continually looking for new ways to make our practice as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

But we can’t do this alone and this is where we need your help! As responsible pet owners we know that you too care about the environment that we all share and a key way you can help our efforts is with the safe disposal of any veterinary medicines your furry friend may have a surplus of.

We are asking you to check your cupboards for any unused, partially used, or out-of-date medications that you may have and to bring them into the practice for safe disposal free of charge!

It is extremely important that these medications are not disposed of into domestic waste or flushed down the sink, toilet, or drain. By bringing them into us to dispose of correctly you can help to save the UK’s wildlife (both on land and in our rivers, streams, and seas!)