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Covid-19 Update

As the country starts to come out of lockdown we want to reassure you that we continue to have measures in place to protect both our clients and our team during the current pandemic. We have posted videos on our Facebook page to show you what you can expect when you arrive at the practice [...]

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Fact Sheet: Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea Diarrhoea is very common in dogs and also seen sometimes in cats. There are numerous different causes, depending on species, and treatment depends on the individual cause in each animal. Food related Diarrhoea is often food-related, particular in dogs. This may be due to scavenging food they shouldn’t have access to, [...]

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Fact Sheet: Vomiting

Vomiting Vomiting is a very common presenting complaint for dogs at the vets, and less commonly cats. It has a number of different causes, including dietary, gastrointestinal blockages and as a sign of internal disease elsewhere in the body. How serious it might be and how we treat it depends on the [...]

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Fact Sheet: Cystitis and Urinary Infections

Cystitis and Urinary Infections The term 'cystitis' means inflammation of the bladder. This can be bacterial or sterile, the likelihood of which depends on the species and age of pet. There may also be crystals or stones formed within the urine which can cause mechanical irritation and even complete blockage. What are [...]

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Telephone Consultations

The team at Copthorne Vets want to reassure you that we are here to look after the health and well being of your pets during these challenging times. In response to social distancing recommendations and the restrictions that the government has placed on the movement of people, we are offering our clients telephone consultations for [...]

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Coronavirus Update: New Guidelines – March 31

Following new RCVS guidelines, we have had to take the decision to remain OPEN for EMERGENCIES and sick animals only. We are now providing telephone consultations for non-emergency cases ensuring your pet still gets the care and attention that they need. For full details please visit this article. For these patients we will be here [...]

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Fact sheet: Cat Vaccinations

Vaccinations - Cats What do they cover for? In the UK we routinely vaccinate our cats against feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus and feline panleucopaenia virus. These three viruses are combined in the "tricat" vaccine. We also strongly recommend vaccinating for feline leukaemia virus, especially if they ever go outdoors. But what are [...]

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Fact sheet: Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinations - Dogs What do they cover for? In the UK we routinely vaccinate our dogs against four core diseases - distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis. But what are these diseases and what do they do? Distemper is a very aggressive virus that starts with runny eyes and nose before quickly progressing [...]

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Coronavirus Update: March 24

During the outbreak of COVID-19, we have taken additional measures to ensure you and your pets are looked after, including increasing the frequency of cleaning and limiting the number of clients coming into the practice. The advice from the government is changing all the time, and following the latest guidelines we are making further changes [...]

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