Our team is dedicated to making Copthorne Vets as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Last year we appointed one of our RVN’s, Maddi, to become our very own ‘Environmental Sustainability Champion’ to help us bring our eco ideas to fruition and since then we have been very busy!

We now have an environmental sustainability ideas board where the entire team can get involved putting their green thoughts and dreams forward to help better improve our practice and the effect we have on our environment. This has already led to multiple positive changes throughout the practice and lots of plans for the future.

At the end of last year a waste survey was conducted throughout the practice (yes, even in the smelly bins!), the information was gathered together and assessed to help us identify areas for improvement. We have been avid recyclers for a long time but it’s always good to check that correct waste segregation is being implemented…which, of course, it was!

On the topic of bins, we are very pleased to say that as of June 2022, our pharmaceutical waste bins have been made of 100% recycled materials!
Shrewsbury town is so very lucky to have the River Severn running right through the centre of it and we want to help to protect it and all of its wildlife! That is why we are actively encouraging our clients to check their cupboards for any of their pet’s unused, partially used, or out-of-date medications and bring them to us for safe disposal. It is so important that these products are not being disposed of down the sink, drain, toilet, or in domestic waste which is why we are offering this service completely free of charge.

Speaking of toilets, We have recently swapped our in-practice toilet rolls to an eco-friendly alternative that is made from 100% recycled paper and is completely biodegradable. The company also donates a huge 50% of its profits to charities around the globe helping people gain access to toilets, clean water, and basic sanitation which we think is pretty incredible!!

Something that may seem obvious but often gets overlooked is lights! Switching them off to be specific. Now, in a busy practice with people coming and going it is difficult to implement this in every single room but the entire team is making a conscious effort to turn off lights and electrics to help save energy whenever and wherever possible. Small actions can create big impacts.

Here at Copthorne Vets, we are continually trying to adapt and improve the way we do things to better help our environment. These are just a few examples of changes made recently but there have been plenty more behind the scenes and there’s lots more in the works! If you have visited us and have any ideas of areas where we could become greener then we always welcome your suggestions so please do let us know.

We only have one planet Earth, let’s take care of it.