Did you know that veterinary nurses are highly-skilled professionals, often having to complete a degree in order to practice?

Nurse clinics at Copthorne Veterinary Clinic

Our veterinary nurses here at Copthorne Vets strive to provide their patients with the very best care. As part of this care the nursing team run clinics along side the veterinary surgeons.

As a veterinary nurse we are able to run a variety of consultations, from preventative health care including flea, worm, and tick treatments, dietary advice and wellness clinics to wound management, mobility clinics and laser therapy.

The nursing team are extremely knowledgable, and many of our nurses have gone on to study further qualifications. This is so they can specialise in certain areas in order to give their patients the gold standard care that they deserve.

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Puppy & Kitten Club

Are you bringing home your first puppy or kitten? Need expert advice on how you can best take care of your new friend? Let them join our club on their first vaccination.

We offer expert care services at Copthorne Veterinary Clinic. With free nurse appointments scheduled every month up to six months and a wide range of treatments, we’ll make sure your pet is fit and healthy.

Do you feel your pet is not active enough?

It might be a sign of being overweight. Did you know that overweight pets may live shorter and live less healthy lives?

At our Weight Watchers clinic, a qualified veterinary nurse will perform a detailed clinical examination and advise on diet and exercise routines. You can bring your pet to us once a month till the ideal weight is achieved.

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Here are just some of the consultations that we run at Copthorne Vets:

  • Senior Wellness Clinics
  • Diabetic checks
  • K Laser therapy
  • Post-operative assessments
  • Weightloss and management
  • Dental checks and advice
  • Training and Socialisation
  • Wound Management
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Mobility Clinic
  • De-sensitisation (for our fearful patients)

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