Copthorne Veterinary Clinic, offers monthly Behaviour Clinics to help you and your pet enjoy life.

This is a teaching clinic with behaviour students observing and nearly qualified candidates contributing.

There are two cases per clinic, one led by a qualified Clinical Animal Behiourist and one led by one of the more experienced Clinical Animal Behaviour students i.e one who is within sight of gaining their professional qualification, and with it, the right to appear on the Animal Behaviour and Training Council.

In order to earn the title ‘Clinical Animal Behaviourist’, in addition to completeing their academic qualifications, there is a requirement to see cases supervised by someone already qualified. The initial behaviour clinic will typically last around one and half to two hours, with a follow up consultation usually 6 weeks later and phone advice for 6 months.

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The Behaviour Clinic is managed by our Veterinary Surgeon Naomi Watson. Naomi has completed a certificate in Clinical Animal Behaviour through Edinburgh University and is training to become CCAB qualified.

This is a recognised professional qualfication overseen by the Animal and Training Council. The ABTC are currently working closely with the RCVS, and the long awaited regulation of behaviour and training professions is now (hopefully) imminent.


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